Happisburgh's problems are national problems.

Happisburgh Photo: Mike Page

The wooden sea defences built in the late '50s at Happisburgh, North Norfolk have been failing over the last few years, and large chunks of the sandy cliffs are regularly falling into the sea. Changes in Government policy now limit funding for coastal protection, but there is no compensation for any losses suffered.

This website launched in 2002 to support the fight for renewal of Happisburgh's failing sea defences. Since then problems experienced by Happisburgh are now being experienced at more and more locations around this country. CCAG has gained national and international recognition for its work campaigning for proper coastal governance and social justice. It has been contacted by communities from as far afield as Cleveland and Yorkshire in the north to Kent and Hampshire along the south coast.

To allow this site to remain focussed on issues around Happisburgh and the work of CCAG, a new site has been set up to provide a National Voice for Coastal Communities. For more information on national issues and other community groups, please visit http://www.nvcc.org.uk/

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    Sugarbeet harveting, and new car park at Happisburgh 15 December 2011.

    New car park at Beach Road, Happisburgh 23 November 2011.

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