What do we want?

These are the major points that CCAG is campaigning for:

Clear strategy for short and long-term management.

At the moment, there is no strategy whatsoever from Government for managing the defence of Happisburgh. Residents of the village as a whole, and Beach Road in particular, feel blighted by an increasingly uncertain future.

We want a clear, meaningful strategy based on ‘people first’ to restore confidence across the board and to provide a viable, secure future for Happisburgh and its environs.

Commitment to follow the strategy.

The people of Happisburgh are sick of the constant production of schemes, strategies and studies at a cost of many thousands of pounds, which never follow through.

We want a clear, unambiguous undertaking from Government to support and fund a sustainable strategy and scheme, and most importantly, a clear commitment to put that scheme into action.

Compensation for material loss.

At the moment, there is no provision for compensation for property lost to the sea.

We believe that compensation should be paid for total loss of property due to failure to defend against coastal erosion on a hitherto defended coast, at current ‘no risk’ market value.

In addition, if the policy is not to defend until a certain point, then owners of properties that will be lost until defensive works are in place should have the option of having their properties purchased by the Authority responsible for that policy.

Improved consultation and communication.

The community feels abandoned and ignored by Central Government.

We want to see immediate and continuing progress on consultation and communication from DEFRA with ‘the people’ themselves as well as the local authority.

We want to see an end to the misleading practice operated by DEFRA of using the local authority as an excuse to avoid responsibility.

We want to see any criteria or scoring system for scheme qualification to be workable and reflect the situation of rural coastal communities.